Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lake Erie: January 01, 2011

Port Stanley: January 01, 2011. It has been a full year since I started this blog, posting at least one and usually more photographs taken of, or near, Lake Erie. My feet were often planted in the same spot many times over the year but the images produced in that spot were always quite different each time. Those changes - sometimes subtle, sometimes dramatic, were what fascinated me and motivated me to keep on with the project. Now, because of a change in job and other pressures, I plan to deviate from the once per day posting of images of Lake Erie. I will still be taking photos, but will post images more on a weekly basis. These will be examples of the other things that entice me to pull my camera from its protective bag. Many will still be of the Lake but there will also be photos of the things throughout the County of Elgin that I have been investigating over the past year and continue to find of great interest: the barns, buildings, heritage trees and many more things that make this County a very special place to live.
Thank you - Jan.

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  1. Well, you did it! I admire your tenacity and persistence and your photos give me a new vision of our beloved, ever changing Lake! Thanks!