Friday, May 7, 2010

Lake Erie: May 07, 2010

I spent the day with friends at Rondeau Provincial Park. This is my fifth year in a row doing this, although my friends have been doing this for years. It's very handy to have expert birders and naturalists to tag along with. I just let them do all the pesky identifying work while I soak up the blissful surroundings. We seemed to be a bit early for the majority of the warblers. Maybe they had advanced warning of this nasty thunder storm sweeping through. However, in spite of a wet morning and cool afternoon, we saw over 50 different kinds of birds in all.  And yes, Rondeau is as much a part of Lake Erie as the sand and the water. It's a special, uniquely beautiful place and a treasure that I urge you to try and visit at some point in your life if you haven't done so yet.

Rondeau Provincial Park: 3:00 PM. Yellow warbler. It will fit easily in the palm of your hand but it still makes a heroic migration.

Rondeau Provincial Park: 4:15 PM. Columbine.

Rondeau Provincial Park: 4:45 PM. Swamp creature.

Rondeau Provincial Park: 5:30 PM.

Rondeau Provincial Park: 5:30 PM.

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