Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lake Erie: February 07, 2010

Port Stanley: East side – 10:30 AM. Still cold, cold, cold - but then it's February and this isn't the Bahamas.

Port Glasgow: 2:15 PM.

Port Glasgow: 2:15 PM. The mounds of white in the foreground are ice. The lake was still enough in the cold to skin over in a sheet of thin ice. The motion of the Lake, gently heaving like the belly of a sleeping animal, snapped the ice into pieces like broken window panes. The breeze was slight and only tossed it in piles rather than pulverize it into slush as it would when the wind is wild.

Port Stanley: Erie Rest, taken in 1993. This is a photo I took several years ago and better illustrates what I spoke of above. The sound of this is astonishing, very much like mounds of broken glass tinkling together in the quiet movement of the water.

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