Monday, January 11, 2010

Lake Erie: January 11, 2010

A note about the locations: Most of the images are taken at the same few places. These spots have been chosen because they are very easy to get to, either on foot (usually with my dog in tow - or more likely towing me), or with a drive of two or three minutes away. Some might wonder at the repetition of scenes but that is one of the points of this exercise. I can plant my feet in exactly the same spot from one day to the next, or one hour to the next and get a very different result each time. I sometimes wonder how I could possibly be on the same planet things have changed so much. It’s part of the magic of living here. Lately the weather has been such that I’m loath to leave the house and if it wasn’t for Cleo’s pleading brown eyes and waggy tail and my commitment to this blog - in that order, I probably wouldn’t. Convenience seems to be everything when the wind is raw enough to freeze my glasses to my nose but there are many other beautiful places and interesting things I want to show you about this Lake and I promise I’ll get to them in time.

Port Stanley: East side – 11:30 AM. To see what I mean, compare this to the two shots from yesterday. Same location but worlds apart.

Port Stanley: East side – 11:30 AM.  The water has chilled down to the point where it seems to be almost viscous. Moving in huge, lumbering ripples, the Lake heaves against the shore, already nearly covering the posts that were fully visible just days ago.

Port Stanley: East side – 11:30 AM. Planet Earth? Perhaps.


  1. Exquisite photos. I love the rippled effect of the winter waters. There is nothing like the powerful color of gray that only look sbest in northern countrysides. Such beauty in this monochromatic palette. Sea Witch

  2. I must say, I prefer the sunny ones, but the mystery of these shots is intriguing!

  3. Brrrr, I got chilled looking at your images.

    Thanks to Cleo (btw -- any images of Cleo???) for getting you out in the freezing cold to take these beautiful pictures!